Six Steps to a Successful Creative: Part II

2. Creative is a tradition of antecedents.

To make great creative, you must immerse yourself in creative works. Watch copious amounts of film and television, read dozens of novels, watch hundreds of internet videos. You must be current with the latest content that your audience is consuming. This is your treasure chest. All that content (research) is a resource in your memory.

As you gather your treasure, it is important to be able to tell gemstones from worthless rocks. You must be able to consume this content critically, understanding how each element of each piece of content works, how audiences react, and how that content is altering our ever changing cultural landscape. The ability to discern what works and what doesn’t is called Taste.  

Taste is a form of creative judgment that must be cultivated. Some creatives have a natural talent for it. From an early age, they look at a story and see how it is put together, much in the way a physicist looks at a worthless rock as sees the protons, neutrons, and even quarks. But in actuality, even for those Luke Skywalkers, this is hard, ongoing work.  

Do your Creatives possess taste?  Are they constantly consuming material and demonstrating judgment?