Six Steps to a Successful Creative: Part I

1.  Creative is not pure originality. 

Some believe that the only way to do something creative is to do something that no one has ever seen before.  Yet in reality, you name any idea and it’s probably been done before.  At least that’s how you might feel when you are trying to figure out how your company or organization can stand out online.  How do we come up with something original?

All ideas are recombinations of past ideas plus human experience. To come up with an idea that has no previous relation or antecedent is impossible.

Ghumprilly.  There, I made that word up.  But if you look at it and think, your brain will try to figure it out.  It searches your memory for words that look or sound like Ghumprilly trying to find a relation.  If it cannot, then the word is recognized as nonsense.  That is what creative is if it attempts to have no antecedents - nonsense. It attempts to prevent the audiences from ever understanding it, which is not something one should aspire to.

However, the thing to do is not to merely copy another video. The best creative comes of so many recombinations that the audience will be seeing things they’ve seen before and yet won’t recognize them. Then you have a totally fresh, original idea, painstakingly crafted out of dozens or even hundreds of recombined ideas and aesthetics plus human experience. And THAT is precisely how you make your video stand out and attract audiences.

Does this describe your creative?