Six Steps to a Successful Creative: Part V

5. Creative is nonlinear.

This is why many think of creative as magic. Everyone has had the experience of the light bulb going off. Inspiration seems to come when you least expect it, delivered by the imagination, which is driven by the subconscious. But in fact, great creatives understand how the imagination works, how to put the right research material into their minds to generate an idea tailored to move their specific audience.

You want your audience to have that light bulb moment as well. Part of the art of creative is recreating that “aha” moment for your audience using narrative technique.

Is your creative driven by jargon, ideology, or rationalism and logic?  
Or, is it driven by metaphor and common experiences?  
Does your audience have to reason through your video to get it?  
Or do they experience it like watching a movie and putting themselves in the position of the characters?